i'm an aussie writer and illustrator based in europe.

I make things that help you learn and smile.


the backstory

I was the kid who did really well at school. It was great while it lasted, but all my great marks did not prepare me for real world out there.

Outside my school gates, I felt like I had missed the actual curriculum. It took years for Type A me to recover from the shock of this. Even more for me to fess up when I didn't know things.

The thing is I still wanted to learn new things, I just didn't know how to make my own curriculum. And the things I . wanted to learn and think about weren't neccessarily in text books. So I started trying to teach myself all the things I felt I'd missed or still didn't know about.

I tried learning anything from from quantum theory (I know, it's Type A me again),  where money actually comes from to how to catch and keep an idea.

And I taught myself the way I wanted to learn things: with lots of pictures, a few words and plenty of silly things. It felt a bit like Sesame Street for grown-up me.

The things you'll find here are made with this same philosophy: learn and smile--preferably at the same time. 

I find the smiling bit is the most important. It's like that Leonard Cohen quote; it's how the light gets in. In this case the light (when you crack a smile) happens to be new things like ideas, someone else's word view, or Einstein's thoeries. A smile helps you forget that you don't know the answer, even though you think you should, just long . enough to let some new knowledge in.

It works for me. I hope it helps you too.

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