I'M AN AUSsie WRITER and ILLUSTRATOR based in europe.

i make things that help people learn and smile.


My friends know me for my love of dogs and books. My desk mates know me for my endless supply of snacks.

I help brands, publications and individuals figure out why they’re worth listening to, what they’d like to say, and the best way to say it.

In addition to client projects, I’m the co-founder and editor of Friday Best, a series of online interviews with young women.

I'm also a regular contributor at Dumbo Feather magazine and the author of Dear Friend. Love, Stephula, a weekly letter sent out every Sunday.

Before moving to Amsterdam in 2013, I ran media campaigns for award-winning Australian publisher Text Publishing.

I also helped found the Melbourne chapter of global lecture series, CreativeMornings.

I'm currently working on a loneliness survival guide based on the two years I just spent travelling the world on my own. 

Some other things you might like to know: I love learning languages (I speak French, Dutch and Czech). Actually, I just love learning generally.

I believe we all have an interesting story to tell, you just have to ask the right questions.

And I suspect the bike is one of our best inventions, and I think it’s better to ask a question and risk sounding silly, than to say nothing at all.

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Friday Best
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